Smart Banking

A helpful product to carry money, documents, and valuable things on LPWAN network platform with tracing, controlling, and managing ability via the software from a control center, and NO mobile network and Internet requiring.

It also comes equipped with an electroshock system to prevent it from being stolen; a paint and acid spraying system to destroy confidential documents or to mark money; a magnetic lock to lock the briefcase inside the car in the specified structure.

Also, we have a dedicated and very low cost backhaul network. Another good feature of this product is deep indoor coverage of fronthaul network .
Using interference resistant technology has caused a reliable network for our briefcase.
The body of briefcase is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar which has high resistance to heat and pressure.

Target Beneficiaries

Banks and financial institutions

Exchange offices

Government agencies and institutions for handling important paper documents

Moving valuable parts and objects and Transportation industry


Product Gallery

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