Intelligent Solutions for Future Smart World (ISFSW)

Providing smart solutions based on internet of things (IoT) technologies is our target.


Our Intelligent solutions based on IoT technologies are including as

Smart Banking

IoT and banking industry offer a range of new opportunities in customer management, business process automation, new forms of payments, and etc. We using IoT and big data technologies can offer many use cases such as smart devices and briefcases, IoT-based bank security system, tailored IoT insurance and many others.

Smart Logistic and Asset Tracking

IoT can provide accurate data on mobile assets gives enterprises the ability to modernize their logistics operations, lower costs and improve the flow of assets as they make their way to clients.

Oil and Gas

IoT in oil and gas provides optimization and predictive maintenance use cases such as optimize for efficient pumping activities, maintain the pipes and wells, monitor equipment failures and gas leaks, and monitor pipe thickness, temperatures, and erosion in a refinery.

Connected Cars

IoT connected vehicle not only enables Car to Car communication to prevent accidents but also the communication of vehicles with infrastructure. It will be interesting for which cases this technology can be used. From the optimization of traffic flow to innovative parking systems.

Smart Agriculture

IoT enables various services including detection, monitoring and control of a wide variety of key agricultural data such as soil temperature and moisture, weather, rainfall and water quality, airborne pollution, crop growth.

Smart City

IoT offers new opportunities for cities to use data to manage traffic, save energy and water, cut pollution, make better use of infrastructure and keep citizens safe.

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